Black-owned Fashion Brands I’m Loving Right Now

Hi beautiful people, what a time to be alive supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Joining forces to promote black brands and businesses is one of the best things happening right now. Black businesses truly deserve to get more attention; not only as part of the movement but I do hope this new action will stick with everyone forever.

Additionally, some of the largest corporations have announced to support more black-owned businesses; have more black employees in higher positions and I’m so excited for this. As important as it is for these corporations to support Black-owned businesses; it’s also very crucial that we the consumers, family and friends also uplift and encourage our Black community.

Furthermore, as a small black business owner myself, I know the struggle we are constantly facing. This is why I created FRUK Magazine, a platform where creatives around the world can connect and showcase their work. I honestly love seeing black brands thrive, black creatives making moves, black fashion trending and so much more. It’s time we are included, appreciated and loved for our work and efforts.

So this week, I’m dedicating this list to all the incredible black-owned brands out there. Please note that some of these brands are available via various sites but the best way to support is to shop directly from them. Here’s a selection of the coolest black-owned brands to follow and support now and always.

Let me know which brands you love the most and any other recommendations or suggestions. Thanks for dropping by.

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