A creative leader who can generate new ideas, set brand strategies and provide high-quality management practices. Strong ability to increase sales and generate measurable business return. With an accounting and finance educational background and up to a decade of experience in the creative industry, Elizabeth has had the pleasure of working with incredible brands and other renowned creatives from all around the world. Her skills and techniques has helped a lot of brands and creatives as well as provided jobs and amazing opportunities for others.

Elizabeth has a growing credit list in editorial fashion, beauty, commercial, bridal, music, TV to personal as well as celebrity styling. In addition to this she has styled prominent names in the industry as well as directed campaigns, photo/video shoots, events and more while expanding her portfolio and connecting with the world’s top agencies, photographers, top models, actors and influencers.

Her media and communication experience has also landed her TV and radio projects; presenting and hosting shows and events. Elizabeth has been featured in Vogue, BBC, Channel 5, Pride, Black Beauty & Hair Magazine to name a few. She equally has a broad range of skills in Marketing, Social media, Brand management and also strong Writing, Editing, as well as excellent leadership and organisational skills. Meanwhile establishing a digital and print publication that connects creatives all around the world with the mission to inspire and encourage people to explore their creativity as well as an online store.

“I’m so excited to be blogging again and sharing all my favourite bits. I created this new blog to document all my new adventures. I’ll be sharing some hot topics, style tips, wellness as well as my travel journey and portfolio.


For collaborations, styling services, creative direction, brand management, rates and any other inquiry please don’t hesitate to get in touch.