With over a decade of experience in the creative industry, I have had the pleasure of working with global brands and creatives around the world. As an adept Fashion and Beauty Expert, my expertise spans across Retail, Marketing, Publishing, Communications, Branding, and Social Media. My work has been featured in esteemed publications such as Vogue, BBC, Stylist Magazine, and others. Additionally, I have undertaken digital campaign projects and collaborations with a diverse range of brands and clients below.

Elizabeth Olusesan is a serial entrepreneur and multi-talented Consultant and Creative Director. With an Accounting and Finance educational background and over a decade of experience in the creative industry; Elizabeth has had the pleasure of working with global brands and renowned creatives around the world. Her skills and techniques are well celebrated, while her contributions have connected creatives and brands alike. Elizabeth has been fortunate to create incredible jobs and investment opportunities for upcoming creatives, start-ups and other entrepreneurs.

Elizabeth has a growing credit list in editorial fashion, beauty, commercial, bridal, music, TV to personal as well as celebrity styling. In addition to this, she has styled prominent names in the industry as well as directed campaigns, photoshoots, video productions, events and more. Whilst expanding her portfolio and connecting with the world’s top agencies, photographers, top models, actors and influencers. Her media and communication experience has also landed her TV and radio projects; presenting and hosting events as well as working with several magazines and media platforms. Elizabeth has been featured in Vogue, BBC, Stylist Magazine and more. She equally has a broad range of skills in branding, marketing, social media, writing, as well as excellent leadership and organisational skills. While, establishing a unique platform that inspires and connects creatives around the world.

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