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Self Care Sunday – Top 7 Self-isolation Skincare Tips

Hi lovelies, I hope everyone is well. Every other Sunday I hope to bring you all some amazing tips. So today is all about skincare during this time of self-isolation.

Even though most of us are working from home at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic. We still need to try our best to stay mentally healthy as well as beautiful. And nothing screams beautiful like a good skin. Even makeup sits better on your skin when your skin is flawless. I never used to care for skincare treatments but ladies we all need it, now more than ever!

Cleanse, tone and also moisturise to get that faultless glow. This self-isolation period is the ideal time to perfect your skincare routine. Also, when we do come out on the other side, our skin will thank us for it. Somebody say Amen!!!

So, here are top 7 tips and my favourite products I’ve been using during this time of self-isolation and social distancing.

1. Cleanse

Radiant Glow Botanical Facial Wash, £13.99

Although, we aren’t out and about much, besides essential grocery shopping. Remember, our skin can still build up dirt from our homes which can also clog skin. I love to use this amazing facial wash as its very gentle on my skin. It also helps remove make-up and pollution without irritating the skin. Also, this sulphate-free natural cleanser equally draws toxins from the skin leaving my face feeling soft and hydrated.

2. Tone

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Prepwork Micellar Water, £16.00

Water-based toners is always ideal. However I use this Micellar solutions which can also be used in place of a toner. I’ve been using this Arbonne for a while now and its very good to my skin.

3. Apply Serum

Dr. Goldfaden’s Brightening Elixir, 30ml, £70.00

Huge price tag but totally worth it. Dr. Goldfaden is very new to me but I’m loving it so far. This serum works to boost skin moisture. Developed by dermatologists to revive dull skin. For me I love the firmness it gives my skin. This treatment also works to clarify complexion and said to minimise the appearance of fine lines.

4. Moisturise

L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream, £79.00

Lately, I’ve been using a lot of L’Occitane products and this cream is one of my favourites so far. I love the smell as well as it’s silky smooth feel and texture. This face moisturiser also helps to fight visible signs of ageing including; wrinkles, loss of firmness and uneven skin tone.

5. UVA/UVB Protection

Just incase your products don’t contain UVA/UVB protection. It’s always advisable to protect your face with sunscreen. Summer, winter, whatever the season, we get exposed to UV rays all the time and even through our windows at home. Sunscreen is also important in preventing skin cancer, so it’s very essential to include this into your skincare routine.

6. Blue Light Protection

Institut Esthedem City Protect Spray 100ml, £35.00

So, I just found out that Netflix Face is very much real and too much exposure to the TV screen as well as our phone is said to be bad for the skin. Apparently, extreme exposure to blue light causes skin damage and weakening. And the best way to protect against and repair environmentally or digitally damaged skin is to use an anti-pollution-based skin care products in our regimen. For protection I use Institut Esthedem City Protect Spray. It also helps against the sun, pollution and free radicals.

7. Water & Diet

Finally, the most important of all is water and a good diet. I cannot stress enough how incredibly satisfying water is for me and before I knew anything about skincare products, water did it all for me then I grew up 🙂 I mean, yes good skincare would do just fine, but staying hydrated, exercising and eating healthy will do a lot too. Water also has the ability to flush out toxins, balance the natural oil, maintain moisture, while increasing skins elasticity.

In conclusion, water, good diet, enough sleep (I definitely need more of this), exercise and incredible skincare products that actually work will not only help us remain mentally healthy and beautiful during this time of self-isolation. But when it’s all over the glow is going to be real- it will be like we’ve been on a long quarantine holiday for sure!

If you’ve enjoyed this post please leave a comment below. Let me know your thoughts on the products above as well as recommendations or suggestions. Thanks for reading!

Liz Olusesan Self-isolation Skincare
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