Liz Olusesan Style Tips Ripped Mom Jeans

One Ripped Mom Jeans Styled 10 Different Ways

One Ripped Mom Jeans Styled 10 Different Ways

Some of you may know that I’ve been decluttering my wardrobe and styling pieces I may or may not keep as I go along. It’s been really fun going through my wardrobe and exploring my style again. I have also been using Tikitok to test and edit in the hopes of starting a Youtube channel channel soon. I’ll keep you guys posted on that!

Being a married woman has helped me discover new ways to shop. And frankly, I only shop when extremely necessary and this is because I already have so many clothes I’m trying to get rid off. I’m truly grateful that I get gifted lots of items too; however, sometimes these items are things I probably wouldn’t buy on a normal day. Nevertheless, this has helped me to experiment and try new things.

One style tip from this post is to know that; whatever the style or shape, a light blue jeans is not only timeless but also essential. But styling a ripped mom jeans can be a whole different ball game. It’s simple though, you can work your way from the basics all the way up.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration, here are 10 different ways I styled this super gorge ripped mom jeans from Zara.

I’ve put together where to buy some of the items or similar. But if you need something specific feel free to message me. I’m also offering Virtual Styling Services no matter your budget with free consultation until June.