lizolusesan how to style suit multiple ways

How to style one suit multiple ways

Love a good suit but it has to be functional, timeless and affordable. And this Zara suit works perfectly; it’s super comfy and you can wear it various ways. After creating this looks, I actually thought of a few other ways to wear both the jacket and trouser together as well as separately. It’s a great investment to always buy a suit you can multi-wear or that’ll at least last a long time.

Also with the current pandemic, not everyone will be able to afford a new clothes going back to work. So why not find various ways to wear what you already have at home. Setting a style challenge is always a great way to start. This helps you save money and also allows you to explore your style and creativity. I mean, imagine styling one piece of clothing several ways with only what you have in your closet, trust me you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find and create.

If you’re looking for some inspiration or ideas for when you get back to work, here are a few different ways I styled the suit. Also, Zara still has this piece online so do grab one if you like. I’ll also list similar affordable options below. Thanks for dropping by and don’t forget to leave a comment and share!